Victimization of domestic abuse victims is common in spiritually abusive and controlling churches

It’s bizarre that their trinity appears to be Father, Son, and Holy Bible. If something is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible then it is not allowed. End of discussion. They seem to forget that God also writes His truth on our hearts, and lives within us.

Here’s an example of how this would play out in the sect. I was abused by my ex husband for 10 years. When I finally came forward and told some of the elders what was happening (at the 9.5 year mark) I was both victimized further (extreme cruelty towards the victim does not sound like love to me) and told that abuse was not grounds for separation or divorce because it is not specifically mentioned in the Bible.

Why would my heavenly Father want me to be a situation where I am ill daily from migraines due to the stress? And where I am so depressed and anxious from daily living in fight or flight (or freeze) mode that I have no will to live any more. Where I have almost lost touch with reality because I am daily gas-lighted and made to feel crazy. Isn’t this domestic “hell” that my ex-husband inflicted on me far worse than a single act of fornication (which is grounds for divorce as per Scriptures)? Why would my loving Father want me to be so ill that I can’t even pray or think of Him? So desperate that I cried out for Him to take my spirit home? It’s ludicrous.

That’s what religion versus relationship does. Religion says callously “the Bible doesn’t mention domestic abuse, suck it up princess, and live through this until the Lord comes. It is His will.”, and relationship says “your loving Father wants you to be fully alive, free, joyous, fulfilled, healthy, loved, and intimate with Him and others”. Hopefully one day they will understand love and understand that that the trinity is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Hopefully the emotional and spiritual abuse heaped on domestic abuse victims by the Pharisee-like church will end.