I have had people share with me over the years that at first they didn’t realize that they had experienced what has been termed as spiritual abuse. It wasn’t until they came across a site such as spiritualabuse.org that they started to see parts of their experience as actual abuse.

Others are very reluctant to state they had been abused in this manner because of being perceived as a ‘victim’ and they don’t want to be portrayed or seen as a victim.

Call it what you want, the wrong does happen and affects many, many people worldwide. How deeply it affects someone varies from person to person and experience to experience.

Some who have experienced spiritual abuse have spoken out about it in various ways. Some, such as myself, started web sites. Some blog about it. Some have written a thesis paper on it. Some have online or in person support groups. Some make themselves available for people locally. Others have gone to college to become counselors/therapists.

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Have you spoken out about spiritual abuse/unhealthy churches or ministers in some form & if so, how have you done it?