Multiple bloggers sharing, educating and supporting those who have been in unhealthy churches.

Author: Random Thoughts

I was a member of a UPCI church for 18 years. I left just before Thanksgiving 2012. I did not leave because of abuse directed at me specifically nor did I leave due to questioning standards. It was what was going on in the church, the gossip about some people. And I had sat on the pew for about 2 years wondering "Where is Jesus? What have they done with Him?" It was truly "Christianity Without the Cross" even before I had heard of that book. I joined Lois Gibson's SA support group that November I left and am glad that I am no longer associated with my former church. And I am thankful for Lois's efforts to educate people about spiritual abuse. :)

Stress. Anxiety. Depression.

Stress, anxiety and depression are caused when we are living to please others. ~ Paulo Coelho. While I don’t think I ever had anxiety or was depressed while I was in my former UPCI church, I did suffer from some stress. Trying to…