Multiple bloggers sharing, educating and supporting those who have been in unhealthy churches.

Author: shattered sheep

Wife, mother, Christian businesswoman, author, and one of over 60 survivors of the most horrific spiritually abusive churches in the North Carolina Christian community. Our family is one of over 20 families that have been devastated by the same cartel of spiritual abuse hiding under the guise of a church. Rather, they are a cult posing as a small Independent Fundamental Baptist church and giving the overall tag a bad reputation. We are the first family to have the courage to speak out, and we will continue to do so in order to reach out to other families and individuals in the genuine love of Christ.

Wounded Sheep: The IFB Flock, Part I

The Bully Pulpit and Jezebel Spirit of Rogue Independent-Fundamental Baptist Churches This evil is causing tremendous damage to our Lord’s flock through spiritual abuse and perversion of Scripture to meet the agenda of nefarious leaders.  Our desire is to shed light in this…