In December 2017, the blog section of the spiritual abuse website had 9882 visits, with 6047 being unique. Below are the top ten read posts for December from seven different authors.

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Woman ‘in the Spirit’ on a Jamaican Flight – author Lois (accessed 1738 times)

Religion or Christ? – author Nancy (accessed 531 times)

She’s Got The Look (Of Salvation) – author John (accessed 432 times)

When you’re an “Apostate” in their eyes – author ThereIsLife (accessed 426 times)

22 Similarities In Christian Cults – author D.M. & posted by Lois

Living for God should not be so hard – author Random Thoughts

The Few, The Proud, The… – author Lois

Are you taught to keep the Law of Moses (Legalism) – author dividinghisword

Leaving An Unhealthy Church #1: You and Those Who Remain – author Lois

Stress. Anxiety. Depression. – author Random Thoughts