In October 2017, the blog section of the spiritual abuse website had 10,448 visits, with 5496 being unique.

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Below are the top ten read posts for October from seven different authors.

22 Similarities In Christian Cults – author D.M. & posted by Lois. (accessed 708 times)

‘God Is Against You’ He Shouted! – author Lois. (accessed 316 times)

The Rapture Doctrine – Fear mongering at its highest – author ThereIsLife (accessed 310 times)

Struggles In Starting Over – author anonymous plus Lois. (accessed 305 times)

Leaving an Unhealthy Church #11: Confusion & Not Knowing Who or What to Believe – author Lois.

Growing Up as a PK – author Grace.

Telling The Real From The False – author Lois.

Earliest Spiritual Abuse – author Grace.

Visions And Revelations – author GladToBeOut.

If The Truth Fits – author shattered sheep.