“Women shouldn’t wear stretch pants ever. They’re just trying to attract attention.”
“How can anyone call themselves a Christian and still vote for ___?”
“You don’t pray [a certain way]?!?! pray.”
“The Bible says you should pray/study/have quiet time/worship a certain way/go to church [a certain way]….”

These statements remind me so much of the legalism in my former church. Some are prideful, revealing a person’s belief that they are right — and that they are the ONLY ones right. No other perspective counts. Others are fearful; they think, perhaps, that they have to say something because they have been taught a certain way and to believe anything else must mean that they are lost. All lack love for the other person, and all reek of judgmentalism.

How different are these types of statements from what we heard in legalistic churches? We were taught what to wear, how to vote, how to pray, how to study, when to go to church and how often, how to worship, and so forth. And when I hear these things now, I cringe. None of the people I hear these things from considers themselves legalistic or prideful or judgmental. They all consider themselves spiritual and faithful to God… and yet their words make me so angry. I left a legalistic, unhealthy church. But I can’t seem to get away from legalism. It’s in the fiber of so many “Christians”… and being around them, hearing that, makes it much harder to believe in God.