I came across the following article while researching something else and it seemed to help me so wanted to share it.

10 Things to Remember about God When Life is Hard by Jennifer Kostick

I suffer from spiritual amnesia. This means that I’ve received many answers to prayer in my life, but, unfortunately, I have a tendency to forget God’s faithfulness as soon another trial comes my way.  I’m enduring one of the greatest hardships of my entire life, and this time I’ve made a promise to my Savior. I will cling to the truth of His fidelity towards me. I will remember what He’s done, and praise Him for what I know He will do.

Here are 10 truths about God to cling to when life is hard:

1. What He did for the patriarchs, He will do for you.

We often tend to forget the people we read about were real, flesh and blood, living, breathing humans. We open up the Bible and see the whole picture of what happened in the story of their lives, completely forgetting they actual lived out those events. God gave them promises, and they worked through a myriad of emotions and shortcomings until they finally received each one the Almighty spoke. God’s promises did not end with the patriarchs. Their lives are reminders of what He’s done, is doing, and will do. Open up the word and read it. Get excited! He wants to work in your life! (See Philippians 4:19)

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