In September 2017, the blog section of the spiritual abuse website had 7570 visits, with 4303 being unique.

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Below are the top ten read posts for September from seven different authors.

Veiled Threats In Sermons – author Lois. (accessed 517 times)

Three Steps Part 5: The Second Step – author CrabbyLioness. (accessed 446 times)

Religion or Christ? – author Nancy. (accessed 223 times)

What Happened To Being Nice? – author ThroughGrace. (accessed 223 times)

Fake Trump Tweet to the NAYC – author Lois.

Freedom from Abuse – author FaithAfterDeception.

YOU Are The Problem! – author Lois.

Getting Out the Old Books: The Literal Word by M.D. Treece – author Lynne.

Is Your Church a Safe Zone or a Red Flag? – author AJ.

What If They Are Right? – author Lois.