“God, help us to love our neighbors more,” they prayed at church on Sunday. After service, they filed from the sanctuary, not smiling, not saying hello to the person who nodded at them or offered a greeting. “I’ve seen her here before. She knows other people, I’m sure,” said one to herself. “Oh, there’s my friend, I’ve got to catch him!!!” said another. Yet another was busily thinking of all she needed to do that afternoon, and hurried her family out the door. Several others noticed a visitor who stood out as different and rushed over to greet him — surely if they singled that one out, they’d be loving their neighbor.

The person who’d been coming stood trying to say hello to someone, and finally shrugged and left.

The next Sunday, that person’s seat was empty… and the next, and the next. “She must not have been a Real Christian,” said one. Another said, “Oh, people just don’t love God anymore,” and another responded, “It’s the last days, for sure.” Still another sighed, “Any little thing and they leave.” Others excused themselves, “Oh, we’re introverts,” “I had other responsibilities,” “She should have done more,” “If she’d only stayed longer, sooner or later she would have had friends, I’m sure.”

Who was the person’s neighbor?