I’ve been attending a certain church since February. In all that time, I still haven’t really connected with anyone. They’ve said so many times, “We’re all introverts,” as an excuse for why they aren’t friendlier. This morning I pulled into the parking lot for second service, and these “introverts” who excuse themselves for not talking to me were talking so much that they were talking from car to car even as both drivers were pulling out. I went in and for the first 10 minutes of services, these same “introverts” didn’t even come into the sanctuary because they were visiting in the fellowship area. Not one but the door greeter said hi to me, even in response to my greeting.

I don’t know if I’m angrier that they are doing this, angrier that they’re excusing themselves deceitfully, or just sadder or more disgusted about the whole situation. I enjoy the preaching and the music most of the time, but I could get that from the internet at home in my PJs. What’s more unfortunate is that after years of being told that we go to church to gather together, more and more I recognize that there is gathering but not togetherness in far too many churches, and organized religion is actually doing much to push people out of it’s doors not only in cults, but in Christianity at large. If Christians won’t love each other, the unloved will find friendship and fellowship elsewhere, often in settings or with people that these same unfriendly Christians would disagree with. And then the Christians will look around and wonder why people aren’t coming to their churches, even though they ignore them when they come.