In July 2017, the blog section of the spiritual abuse website had 8516 visits, with 5093 being unique.

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Below are the top ten read posts for July. Thanks so much to all our readers and authors!

Fake Trump Tweet to the NAYC – author Lois. (accessed 2009 times)

A Conversation with a Pastor, Part 2 – author Through Grace. (accessed 1141 times)

UPC Unpardonable – author Susan. (accessed 508 times)

My story pt. 1 – author Beth. (accessed 278 times)

UPC Unpardonable Part 2 – author Susan.

Five Different Experiences….One Result Pt 2 – author Nana5.

Under The Influence Of An Unhealthy Group – author Lois.

Leaving (pt 2) – author Through Grace.

The outward appearance – author Through Grace.

What it’s like to leave – author Through Grace.