Today marks the one year anniversary of the blog section of the spiritual abuse website. When it first started, I had no idea how it might go or if we’d have enough people writing for it to last. While there have only been a few posts for this month, overall we have had regular posts since our inception- a total of 464 (including this one) and 415 comments. A huge thank you goes out to all our authors and readers for making this possible.

There are so many aspects to spiritual abuse and while our experiences in unhealthy churches are similar, we also have differences. Likewise, while we all go through similar things during healing and recovery, we also experience some differences. This is one reason why various voices are needed when writing about the myriad of issues. In addition, while some may be drawn to my writing style, others will be drawn to ones who write in a different manner. We can all say the same thing, in our own way, and your words will resonate more with some and mine with others.

Some hesitate to write because they feel they are not good with words or they don’t consider themselves to be a writer. Please don’t let such thoughts hinder you from giving it a try. You could be the one who shares a thought or experience that may be just what another person needs that day. It isn’t about writing eloquently, using university level vocabulary, or being a grammar expert. It is about sharing what you have experienced, how you left and how you are healing, in order to educate and help others who have been involved in a spiritually abusive church.

I have been busy and have not written as many blog posts recently and to be truthful, I cannot do this all myself. We need many voices, from all types of unhealthy churches, in order to help the greater audience. We need articles that cover a wide spectrum of issues and could even use some brief thoughts of encouragement for the day or humorous types of posts. We don’t place any requirements on the number or frequency of blogs you would write. If you wish to do so every day or once a month, it is all good.

How did you become involved in the unhealthy church? When did you realize it was abusive? How long did it take you to leave and how did you proceed? Where are you in your recovery? What has helped or not helped you in healing? Do you experience triggers and is there anything you find that helps with them? If you were not able to read the Bible after leaving but are now able, what can you share that might be helpful to others? Did you have relationship issues while involved or after leaving? What issues have you struggled with or overcome and how did you do so? I could write for hours about all the possible issues that would be helpful to others – it is seemingly endless. You have a story to tell and words of wisdom to share if you have exited an unhealthy group.

Please consider registering to add your voice to ours by using the register link listed under the ‘meta’ section. You will be contacted by an automatic email and then by me. Be sure to choose a username (no spaces or length user names) that cannot be traced to you if you wish to blog anonymously. Blog posts should somehow pertain to spiritual abuse, your experiences, unhealthy church practices and their erroneous teachings.

This is a Christian based website. That doesn’t mean non-Christians cannot blog here. We just ask that you do not promote other religions, atheism or agnosticism.