While I was a licensed minister in the United Pentecostal Church, I passionately pursued obtaining a proper, fully-accredited Bible degree.  In no way do I want to sound like I was tooting my own horn, but I wanted to be a legitimate scholar who knew, understood, and was able to defend the faith on a proper level.

While chasing this this dream, I received a lot of opposition from people who I thought was on the same “team.”  There were some apostolic ministers, a vocal bunch, who criticized me for choosing this path. To sum up the basic argument, in their minds, education was the enemy of faith.

In no way is this true!

The Biblical education I received (through different denominations) helped my faith grow immensely!  In fact, it opened my eyes to the real reason why certain folks were against me and my path.  It was not because education is a true enemy of faith – that is so wrong and warped – but because education showed me the errors of the doctrine I followed. It also revealed the fact that there were those who refused to open their eyes to be honest about the fallacies of the doctrine.

Some, for differing reasons, cannot (or will not) accept the truth when it is right in front of them.  There is a reason why there are so few (if any) real scholars in the Apostolic movement. Truth and lies cannot co-exist in the heart of a Christian. There comes a point when one has to choose his or her path… Is it really built upon truth?  Or, is it one that has embraced lies?