Dear church:

Some of you posted on Facebook, statements like “how can anyone call themselves Christian and vote for ____.” Some of you got upset when I responded that my faith in Jesus-not my vote-made me a Christ-follower, a Christian. Some of you have taken pride in standing for what you believe is right… and trying to push others to believe what you do through humiliation, name-calling, mockery, and guilt-tripping. And I cry.

You see, I did some of those things too, once. Not over who to vote for, but over even more minor things. I questioned your Christianity, your faith, because you didn’t wear certain clothes or do your hair a certain way. I questioned your faith because you didn’t believe what I believed, and I knew I had to be right. You’d have said (some of you did say) I was in a cult at that time. But now… now I see you saying such similar things, using such similar tactics for things you believe or think all Christians should do. And you don’t realize that it’s the same wrong attitude.

You don’t understand why your statements make me angry or sad, and you haven’t taken the time to sit down and think through what you’re saying. I understand how you must feel, because I spent 19 years doing what you’re doing. And repented. You rejoiced when I left that attitude behind. When I humbly accepted that I’d been wrong to be part of that and treated you like I did. It may be time for you to do the same.