A few years ago I started really questioning my beliefs about wifely submission. I had practiced it for over a decade since I first became a Christian. I was in a marriage where I felt unequally yoked even though my husband was a professing Christian.

My brother led me to the Lord in my early twenties just after marrying my husband. He told me I needed to submit to my husband. It wasn’t easy so I would pray.

Two years later I got a book from my sister-in-law called ‘Created to be His Help Meet’ by Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy ministry. At first it was an answer to prayer. Our marriage had been hanging by a thread because of some things I needed to learn. The book did fix those things but it also mixed in some really unhealthy stuff into our marriage.

Along with this book I also had a DVD of Debbie Pearl’s husband, Michael Pearl, called ‘Marriage God’s Way‘ where he does a marriage seminar.

I really ate this stuff up because I thought it was an answer to prayer. I knew my marriage had been in trouble, and I really wanted to save it.

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