Here are the top ten read blogs from April 2017.

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Below are the top ten read posts for April. Thanks so much to all our readers and authors!

How Long Is Your Skirt? (Er, How Holy Are You?) – author John. (accessed 1403 times)

How Long Is Your Skirt? (Er, How Holy Are You?) Pt. 2 – author John. (accessed 711 times)

PTCS -Post Traumatic Church Syndrome – author Nana5. (accessed 455 times)

Church Submission Teachings – author Through Grace. (accessed 320 times)

Sunday Night Fright Night – author Susan.

Abuse and Submission – author Through Grace.

If You Were To Die Tonight – author Lois.

You Might be a Controlling Church/Pastor if… – author Through Grace.

God Hates Abuse – author Through Grace.

You don’t have to look – author Eleanor Skelton.

Jewelry Questions – author Lois.