Thanks to the generosity of Michael R. Burgos, Jr.,  we are giving away two brand new copies of his book, Against Oneness Pentecostalism. This sells on Amazon for $16 and was released in 2016. It contains many footnotes. Michael plans to issue a second edition of the book later this year and it will essentially be his doctoral dissertation.

In one review of the book, Nick Norelli wrote in part, “In the near 25 years since the publication of Gregory Boyd’s Oneness Pentecostals and the Trinity there has been a dearth of critical interaction with the arguments and exegetical underpinnings of Oneness Pentecostal theology. Michael Burgos has taken up this task in Against Oneness Pentecostalism. Here Burgos interacts with the top Oneness Pentecostal theologians and expositors of our day and finds their arguments wanting.”

Some may be interested in Michael’s earlier book addressing Oneness Pentecostalism that was released in 2012 , Kiss the Son: A Christological Apology in Response to David K. Bernard’s The Oneness of God.

This giveaway is only open to those with a USA mailing address. It doesn’t matter if you have won or requested material from us in the past, you are free to enter this drawing. To enter, please make a comment in response to this blog post to show you are interested. Then on Friday, March 31 after 6pm eastern time, two names will be drawn from all the entries and the winners will be announced here. If I do not already have your mailing address, be sure to respond to my email (so be sure to use your actual email address when entering). If you do not respond by the following day, you will forfeit your copy and I will draw another name.

EDITED April 29, 2017 to add: This is a free PDF copy of the second edition of Michael Burgos’ book, Against Oneness Pentecostalism, with 55 pages of new material. You can sign up with only your email address to get a copy.