This is for those interested in seeing the top ten read blogs from July 2016. I didn’t start doing this until October, so I thought I would try and backtrack some. There will not be one for June as that is when the blog was started and there were not even ten posts made. 🙂

The blog section of the spiritual abuse website had 9046 visits, with 3786 being unique. At present, most of the referrals have still come from Facebook, Twitter and search engines. If some who have similar blogs or websites would be so kind as to link to us, it would help increase our exposure. Also, sharing the blogs and/or commenting on them are also helpful and encourage the authors.

Below are the top ten read posts for the month. Thanks so much to all our readers and authors!

Veiled Threats In Sermons – author Lois.

You can’t sit with us! – author FindingFaith.

Beginning Our Work For God – author Nancy.

Backtracking: Where It Began For Me – author Nancy.

Telling The Real From The False – author Lois.

Standard Struggles After Leaving – author Lois.

Broken Friendships – author Mary.

Shaking Foundations: The Start of Questions – author Lois.

Earliest Spiritual Abuse – author Grace.

A New School – author GladToBeOut.