I’m running the emotional gamut on this, it seems. I want to be a part of a church again. But what church, and where? If I’m out of town, no church would be referred to as a “trash can”. But I’d certainly be happier attending in town.

I really do like the church I’ve been going to. And I really disagree on a few points. But they aren’t heaven/hell issues. Not to me, at least.

Odd that I would drive up to 60 miles one way to find a church, and end up seriously considering joining the one less than ten blocks from my home.

Hopefully I’ll get a response to my e-mails tomorrow, though we did talk some tonight. Then, too, hopefully the pastor will remember to loan me their version of the manual that he offered. We’ll see. I’ve gone from excited to ready to just go find someplace else to hopeful to excited again today… excited tonight not because I might have found a “home” but because I realized and was able to put a difficult concept into the right words tonight, and for the first time in a long time was able to explain something while also reaching a depth of praise that I love.

I think at least for those few minutes I found my wings, the balance I thought I’d lost in the last few years of struggle. And flew.