top tenI thought that some might be interested in seeing the top ten read posts from October 2016. I may or may not do this on a regular basis. 🙂

The blog section of the spiritual abuse website had 5,673 visits, with 2109 being unique. I anticipate these numbers will climb as we continue to get the word out about the blog. At present, most of the referrals have come from Facebook, Twitter and search engines. If some who have similar blogs or websites would be so kind as to link to us, it would help increase our exposure.

Below are the top ten read posts for the month, after removing the last giveaway post from the list. Thanks so much to all our readers and authors!

Leaving An Unhealthy Church #9: Some Must Return To Remember Why They Left – author Lois.

Substituting Church For Jesus: Where Is Your Identity Found – author Lois.

Church Secrets, Part 1 – author Elizabeth.

Breaking Pentecostal – author Susan.

Why I Left Part 1 – author Rosemi.

Modern Day Witch Hunts – author Mary.

Examining Teachings #1: Drunk in the Spirit? – author Lois.

Self-Injury: A Worldview – author Eleanor.

Why I Left Part Two – author Rosemi.

Examining Teachings #2: Jezebel And Shamefaced – author Lois.