Just read ocCULT by June Summers; the cult in this story began as a pretty normal ‘Pentecostal’ church but quickly morphed into craziness. The parallels to UPC (United Pentecostal Church) are subtle but obvious. Is UPC a cult? Here are some of the definitions of a cult:

  • Beliefs, values, or practices contrast with the normal culture or tradition YES
  • The group is led to believe that only they have ‘the truth’ YES
  • Members usually believe that their group is singled out for persecution PRETTY MUCH
  • Leaders control members by getting them to believe they will face death, God’s wrath, etc. if they walk outside the group YES
  • Decisions are governed by the rules or ideologies of the structure/leader YES
  • Complete obedience is expected within the group PRETTY MUCH

So, is the UPC a CULT? Oh, yeah, . . . .