It’s been months now since we escaped the cult (UPC) and I still have a hard time being clear on what I believe and committed to actually attending a church. This does not make me doubt that UPC  (United Pentecostal Church) is a cult, it only strengthens that belief. Only an organization with cultic tendencies could so demoralize a person’s processes as make him/her incapable of conscious thought, commitment, confidence in his/her faith.

Thankfully, my kids and grandkids were able to move a distance away and begin to heal. They are very happy right now in a nondenominational church with lots of family activities and friendly people.

I travel so much for my work, usually leaving on Sundays, so haven’t had the time, energy, or desire to find a church yet but I hope this summer, I will be able to find a group of people for communal worship. I really miss being in church, the singing and the preaching. I don’t miss the meanness, the judging, the shunning, and all the rest of the cult.