To fully appreciate the love of God, one needs a reference point. Often this may be one’s father who in his demonstration of unconditional love, lays a foundation of experience that would allow a belief in an all loving God. Unfortunately, many of us did not have this kind of earthly father. I always knew my dad loved me but it was a complicated, flawed love that would bear little relationship to the kind of love the Bible promises we can expect from God. For much of my life, I saw God as harsh, critical, demanding and yes also loving.

Then Biff came into my life. It took years of marriage to realize how much of a gift God had given me when he gave me Biff. No Biff is not perfect; he’s a bit of a cowboy, likes being the ‘class clown’ and can irritate me beyond comprehension BUT Biff has shown me a glimpse of the kind of love God must have for us. Biff’s love is unconditional. He has loved me through my skinny minny period to my tubby tilly period and back again. He loves me when I make ridiculous mistakes. He loves me when I spend too much money, make bad choices, cry, scream, and even when I am angry and unfair with him. Biff would rather spend time with me than do anything else in life. I truly can’t understand this.

But because of Biff, I can believe that God loves me even when I am not perfect and that he loves me more than I can ever comprehend.

I hope God has a special reward for people like Biff. May you have a Biff or Biffette 🙂 in your life!