Many lose their friends after leaving an unhealthy church.

Many lose their friends after leaving an unhealthy church.

One of the many unspoken rules of the UPC church is that if you leave the church you leave your friends behind. That has been harder to deal with than I thought it would be.

The friends I had in the church weren’t just my friends because we went to the same church. I liked them because I enjoyed being with them (most of them). They were people that were fun, and interesting, all sorts of personalities etc. I probably would have liked them regardless of where I met them…

Once you leave nothing else matters. How well you got along, commonalities you shared, bonds that were made were all of no consequence. You no longer attend church here thus you are no longer friends.

Were the friendships we shared so fragile, that insignificant that since I left they just dissipate? I left and now I don’t exist?

Now I wish we had met at the YMCA….

Amazing to me how much they talk about reaching the lost and preach about people matter to God but then turn around and make people feel as though they don’t matter at all.

I don’t ever want to make anyone feel as though they don’t matter.